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What We Remove

The Junk Collector’s property management services are designed to assist you in cleaning out rental units. We remove any junk, debris, or trash left behind by former tenants. Our crew can remove items like these.

  • Furniture. We can take couches, chairs, tables, or anything else renters have left behind.
  • Household Junk. There’s no job too big or small for us. We’ll clear it all out for you!
  • Appliances. Our crew can remove refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, and more!
  • Yard Waste. We can clean up any yard debris or general junk left outside.


Scheduling an appointment for customer

Property managers call on The Junk Collector for real estate cleanouts in Prince George’s County because we are full-service! That means our team handles every detail of the cleanout so you don’t have to! Here’s how it works.

  • Upfront Pricing. Show us the property and we’ll give you an honest quote for the cleanout.
  • Removal. Then we’ll remove items from anywhere in or on the property.
  • Cleanup. We don’t just take the big stuff. We’ll sweep or scoop up loose debris, too!
  • Eco-Friendly. We donate and recycle whenever possible. Then we dispose of the rest.

Scheduling property cleanouts is simple and straightforward. We offer two ways for you to get started.

  1. Book Online. Our online system is designed for your convenience. Just choose your date and time and we’ll be there!
  2. Call (301) 364-9470. Our owner, Charlie, or a member of his crew will gladly take your call and get your cleanout scheduled.

Local Experts for Property Management Cleanouts

The Junk Collector isn’t a franchise! We’re the local guys!

  • Hometown. We’re located in Temple Hills.
  • Community. Our service area covers all of Prince George’s County!
  • Friendly. We’ve got an amazing team of friendly junk removal pros!
  • Professional. Our crew is safe, fast, and efficient at clearing out the junk!

Book Online Now

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Book Online Now

To Save $20